Blogging Platform Uses AI to Automatically Design Your Website

The Grid rearranges your blog design into beautiful form based on content provided

A website is your digital home, a hub for creativity, a space for strangers to peer into your life and gather information. A website is a visible time capsule for memories, products, creations. In the digital age, this online facade represents us, our businesses and our values. When you pull up your own website, does it leave the impression you envision? Does it entirely encompass who you are?

In Spring 2015, The Grid will revolutionize how you develop your website. The new blogging platform for the future uses artificial intelligence to automatically design and enhance the content of your website, tailor-made specifically to you. The in-progress system will require no templates, no grids and no walled gardens.


The current process of searching for the perfect template in a pool of infinite possibilities or coding a site from scratch is a timely job. The Grid offers an alternative involving little effort with a huge return. Brief the Grid how you want your website to look and its technology will build out your ideal site. The Grid is your personal intelligent web developer.

The Grid website explains how the autodesign works, “when you post to your site, our engine measures and mangles your content beyond recognition and spits out a beautiful site using best practice design principles.”


The Grid Postcards

The platform will include a built-in content management system to maximize optimization to your site. Whether you’re a professional, a travel blogger or a freelance photographer, the AI will analyze your data and fit out your site according to the characteristics of your content. Given personal or organizational goals, you can request for the site to drive sales, increase customers, expand your network or include e-commerce. Time-sensitive recommendations ensure you get up-to-speed suggestions of related content around the web.

Content production and graphic design are two targeted skill sets that we expect — in the digital age — to evolve hyper-congruently, but this is not often the case. Humans can excel at one without the other, but our digital facade relies heavily upon both.

As you offer more content or restructure your design ideas, the website thoughtfully changes and evolves. The grid allows you to grab and drop text, image or video from anywhere on the web to your site with a single click. Images are automatically cropped and edited to fit with the layout that works the best for the purpose of your site. The content controls the design in a seamless, smart process.

With a responsive design algorithm, you don’t have to worry about how your website will look across devices. Your site will automatically adjust to every browser, and across mobile and tablet versions.

It only makes sense that a web dev who evolves as you do comes with a yearly subscription fee. But if you care about saving time and maximizing number of impressions, the Grid is worth the $96/year price tag. Founding members can still grab a discounted rate of $8/month.

The Grid will power your content, design and home on the web. Oh, and the team behind the intelligence are a group of cosmonauts – and the creative director designed Medium.

The Grid