PSFK Gift Guide Spotlight: Lunatik Styluses

An ergonomic stylus and professionally-oriented one for all ages and contexts

The Chubby Stylus and Touch Pen from LUNATIK are digital styluses that are able to write on touchscreen devices like the Apple iPad, Kindle Fire, and Galaxy Tab. The Chubby Stylus features a bulky shape that is easy to handle by people of all ages, and can be used for drawing or creating art on a touchscreen. The LUNATIK Touch Pen, on the other hand, is more professionally-oriented and seamlessly goes from writing on paper to tablet with a click of a button.


Just in time for the holidays, PSFK has created a unique Gift Guide full of ideas to help you live, work, and play better. This carefully curated selection of items has been hand-picked by analyzing quantitative and qualitative data from As a source for new products and services, the 2014 PSFK Gift Guide serves as a snapshot of the next-generation products in the retail ecosystem as inspired by former PSFK Labs research.

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