Condom Cookbook Promotes Safe Sex in Japan

Recipes use prophylactics as kitchen tools to show off their durability

Despite a 2008 finding that Japan manufactures between 20 to 30% of the world’s condoms, the same study concluded that Japan also ranks the third lowest in condom usage in the world, with only 42% of the male population reporting regular condom use. This puts Japan at risk for unwanted pregnancies and STI outbreaks, including HIV/AIDS. Awareness for HIV/AIDS in particular is low in Japan, with fewer seeking voluntary testing every year, despite steady increases in HIV-positive patients.

In order to combat this problem, author Kyousuke Kagami and blogger Opanpon came up with a creative solution to raise awareness for safer sex practices in Japan: a condom cookbook. Titled Tsukette-agetai Condōmu Gohan, which roughly translates to “Condom Meals I Want To Make For You”, the book utilizes condoms as a tool to give foods their shape, not as the primary ingredient. Condom sushi, condom escargot cooked with butter, condom cookies, and condom meat stuffing are among the 11 featured recipes, each of which was designed by the authors and culinary expert Yuka Haruya to be functional and simple to replicate.


The cookbook aims to make condoms more familiar and attractive to the Japanese public by presenting them in a new setting. Their suggested kitchen uses also highlight how durable and easy to use they are, hopefully allowing readers to make a connection to their effectiveness as contraceptives.

Condom Meals I Want To Make For You is currently available in e-book format on the Amazon Kindle Store for 250 yen, (approximately $2.30 USD). While condoms may not become the newest staple of Japanese kitchens, the book is an interesting attempt to broaden the scope of sex education.

Images: Spoon & Tamago