7 Items You Need to Know Today

A teenager invents a device to keep Alzheimer’s patients safe, Google’s self-driving cars are now permitted throughout California and Nordstrom aims to make personal shopping easier

California has given the OK for Google’s self-driving cars on all public roads. The Verge

Meanwhile, a 2014 Google Science Fair finalist has invented a low-cost, wearable sensor technology to help care for Alzheimer’s patients. New York Magazine

Intel claims that 3D vision-enabled laptops and tablets are coming soon. MIT Technology Review

IKEA is adding solar panel sales to its stores in eight new countries. Digital Trends

Uber has now added wheelchair-accessible vehicles to its app in Philly. Uber Blog

A drone captures the enormity of the People’s Climate March in Manhattan. Quartz

Nordstrom has partnered with phone messaging service Twilio, a move that gives the retailer’s personal shoppers the ability to text images of new merchandise to clients. Racked