Monitor Posture, Stress Level or Improve Sitting Habits via Seat Cushion

Kickstarter community funds Darma, an inactivity tracker you sit on for a healthier body and mind

Work environment is one of the most critical factors in our daily happiness and stimuli for creativity. Apart from the job itself, offices and personal space have the capacity to determine a fair career from a great career. Startups perks attract talent, and treehouse-inspired lounge rooms and exercise class stipends have replaced cubicles and a strict time regime stuck behind a computer screen. Overall work satisfaction and productivity have been proven to increase as organizations adopt mindful design changes.

According to a Ted Talk by Nilofer Merchant, people spent an average of 9.3 hour sitting per day in 2013, 8/10 of which suffered from back pain in heir lives. For the workforce who failed to adopt the stand-up desk for the sake of comfort, a smart cushion offers a new, healthyalternative to promote movement and mindfulness in the office. Darma is a pioneer intelligent seat, an “inactivity tracker,” to monitor your sitting habits and mental health and offer coaching to sit better.

The developers launched a Kickstarter campaign after five years of research of the sensor technology and algorithms that measure health stats including heart rate and stress levels superior to other market products. The funds of the campaign will be used to finish the product development and begin large-scale manufacturing for their community of users.

The app prototype with be iterated according to the feedback of Kickstarter supporters and partners. Using data from user’s heartbeat and respiration, the Darma team will continue to develop the most effective software for personalized guidance on sitting habits and managing stress.

Once available for retail at $199, Darma has potential to gain positive favor in the office with its stand up reminders and stretching encouragement. Darma, named after the father of Zen and meditation, Bodhidharma, might just be the wisest furniture accessory to enter the market.

Darma / Kickstarter

Capitol One Labs / Smart Office Chair Cushions