Share Trips with Family and Friends Privately via Travel-Centric Social App

Tripcast lets users build a beautiful travel journal in a safe and secure setting

As an avid adventurer and travel writer, I’ve always found a constant struggle between which experiences should be publicized and which memories only deserve to be shared with a private, hand-picked group of individuals. Travelers want to remember every great restaurant, museum or local park we stumbled upon and explored, but we don’t want to aggregate Facebook feeds with an over-saturation of check-ins and photos. I find difficulty choosing which experiences to share with the entire world, fearful that the map of my journey might appear as boastful to the masses versus inspirational for my loved ones.

With a new app Tripcast, the traveler creates digital travel journals in a secure and intimate setting. Users invite a select group of friends and family to follow along and participate in their trip, creating the experience of a travel-based social network. Tripcast was built by the team behind Cluster Inc., an app to create private online spaces for you and your friends.

Tripcast Photo Journal for Travel

To log past or current travels, users simply need to create a new trip. The app immediately prompts you to invite friends via name, email or phone number to join in the private group.

Create Travel Journals With Tripcast

Users can make instant status updates and share photos or videos. A feature to drop locations on a map is especially useful for travelers who like to curate city guides and recommend their favorite spots to other travelers.

Group members will receive a notification when there’s activity, and just like any social network active members can like or comment on posts. Icons underneath each post show who has viewed the update. The experience goes beyond the occasional Instagram photo or Facebook status that a traveler feels comfortable sharing with the world of Facebook. Instead, each post is only accessible with who you choose to invite to the sharing environment.

Group collaboration is also available for families who travel together. Everyone in the group can upload and build a shared album of photographs that can be easily downloaded as soon as you’re home.

The sleek interface and simplicity of the app makes the experience of documenting travel efficient and engaging.

The current version prompts users to start a travel journal for their upcoming trip, which might concern people who don’t have a holiday planned anytime in the near future. Hopefully, the only option to “create new trip” will instill a sense of wanderlust and encourage people to book the next plane ticket out and start logging the adventure.

The app is available for download for iOS and Android.