Tsunami: Charity By Text

The Southern Asian disaster has demonstrated how telephone text messaging can generate a source of income for charities and relief organizations:

  • Italian mobile phone users were reported to have donated more than 11 million euros (15 million dollars) for the victims of the Asian tsunamis, AFP reports.
    • Italy: Send SMS ???? to 48580. ?? Euros a message (any info, anyone)
  • Ericsson is setting up a special Internet Payment Exchange for SMS donations in Sweden and Thailand.
    • Sweden: Send SMS "Asien" to 72105. 30 Crona a message
    • Thailand: Send SMS "RC" to 452 0000. 10 Baht a message
  • Organisers of Germany’s biggest New Year’s Eve party at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin will ask party-goers to make donations to the UN Children’s Fund by sending a text message to a special number.
  • Wireless provider, Mobile Bridges has set up short codes for donations in the US, UK, Belgium and Holland which will go to Unicef, Red Cross and Novib. The numbers are as follows:
    • Belgium: Send SMS "GO AZIE" to 7222. 1,50 euro a message
    • The Netherlands: Send "GO AZIE" to 7222. 1,50 euro a message
    • United Kingdom: Send SMS "GO ASIA" to 89098. £1.50 a message
    • United States of America, Send SMS "GO ASIA" to 46898. $1.99

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(Reminder: Please SMS now to donate. Thanks from PSFK)