Mobile Phones Now Social Fabric

Mobile_phone_homeA report by researcher Michael Hume about our relationship with mobile phones suggests that we’re moving towards a real time of dependency, where if we lose our mobile we begin to feel cut off from our network of friends, cut off from our contacts, and absolutely disabled.

Also, the mobile is very much a device of control. We are using it to control our relationships with others, how others contact us, and increasingly to control information.

As new entertainment and services work their way onto our phone, it is becoming a tool which we use simply to get away from it all. Michael Hume says part of the reason why the mobile is so successful is that it takes us away from where we are.

But, the BBC reports, with many applications being very complicated, or even downright unnecessary, often it is not simply a question of engaging, and more a question of being able to use them at all.

BBC Article