Packaging: Tetra Paks, India

Butter Milk is very central to Indian culture. It is a staple at every Indian home, in all Indian cities. The introduction of Buttermilk in flavors...

Guy Brighton
Guy Brighton on June 16, 2005.

Instead of churning yogurt to make the butter milk, (which is both time consuming and sometimes the butter milk just won’t come right if the yogurt is sour) one can just buy these affordable tetra packs!
Now if every culture started tetra-packaging their nation-centric drinks, it would bring out a huge revolution in this sector.

On a lark, can you imagine tetra packed wines? Or black cherry juices? In America too, I have seen pacakged butter milk at Arabic and Indian stores and have almost always bought one. The large Indian population in America has responded well to these packages.

Contributed by Jinal Shah, Bombay