Fund Your Great Idea With Help From PSFK

Fund Your Great Idea With Help From PSFK

Need funding to help your idea become other folk's inspiration? Two Fortune 100 companies (in beverages and health beauty respectively) want to meet people with superb ideas in early October...

Piers Fawkes, PSFK
  • 26 september 2005

Need funding to help your idea
become other folk’s inspiration? Two Fortune 100 companies (in beverages and health & beauty respectively) want to meet
people with superb ideas in early October to help bring your ideas to

PSFK has been asked to help find 25 clever persons to attend a round
of ‘speed-investing’ in early October in New York City. Each person will get about 5 minutes with an executive from one of the major brands in
attendance before moving on to the next. You get about 6 to 8

What type of ideas? We all know brands these days want to get involved with smart projects – they support, you get to make your idea
come true, they get the benefits of being associated, the world thinks
you’re both smart cookies. Well, that’s the concept, anyway. Although ideas can come from anywhere, the result must be visible in the US.

So, for example, maybe you’re a bunch of young dudes making your first feature film and need some extra help – the brand provides some investment to polish the project and puts their logo all over the theater when you have that premiere in Times Square – and probably in the credits too.*** 

The possible investors
are very well known brands and are looking for a diverse
range of ideas from arts to commerce to technology to your idea.

– How It Works:

  1. Email with I Submit in the
    subject line by midnight US Eastern Time on October 1st 2005.
  2. In 300 words or less write your idea and what you would do
    with an investment
  3. You’re free to also write a line about how much you like
    PSFK. It won’t affect the outcome, but it will massage our
  4. Email ONE idea ONCE only. Winners will be announced on the site.
    If you’re not picked to attend, it’s a bit like going for a job these days : you won’t hear from us. Sorry.

Disclosure: PSFK is not being
paid to make this announcement. We’re doing this as a favor for our friend
who is organizing this event – although we do hope they’ll take us out for
a posh lunch or dinner as a thank you.

Some Other Things

  • PSFK is acting as a
    conduit. We pass on ALL the ideas. Don’t set up a protest blog and flame us
    if your oh-so original bottled water concept isn’t accepted. 
  • The investors
    will listen to all the ideas but reserve the right as to whether to choose to
    fund the ideas presented or not.
  • How the deal works is between you, the
    possible investor and, we would  recommend, your lawyer.
  • Remember: You are passing your ideas to some company you don’t know via a purple blog. Ensure that you have your ideas copyright marked and refer to Creative Commons for more advice.

  • Deadline for
    submissions: October 1 2005.
  • You have to be able to present your ideas in person in New York City on October 6 2005. You will need to fund the trip yourself.

  • Use the comments box below to ask questions, but not

*** My 2c: Media ideas (such as film, books, radio) are probably going to be easier for brands to work with. But hey, don’t let that stop you.

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