Contributed by Jason Tan, Thailand In a few years (or so), machines called personal fabricators or 3D prototypers will allow you to instantly turn whatever you design in your computer into an actual object. Essentially, they will allow you to "print out" actual three dimensional solid things. There are machine shops, design firms and artists […]

Cheap/free media publishing (blogging, cheaper actual print publishing
costs) and advertising (Google-style click-through advertising, forever
segmenting touch-point marketing) options are also available.

Then powerful online Customer Relationship Management services such as will have ever more accessible prices because of
competition. So anyone will be able to market these brand new branded

At the same time, software is also being developed to democratize
computing over the internet. Pretty soon, left brain support for
finance and accounting will look more like a simple Google search. The
open source revolution will also do its part to fulfill other business

Social networking is getting easier because of the growing acceptance
of social networking sites, Skype and online videoconferencing.

Heck, you don’t even have to spend that much on formal wear/business
attire anymore because it’s getting more and more acceptable to wear
jeans and sneakers anywhere. This partially explains why designer bags
are booming (there are casual-leaning professional women who want an
elite ID fashion accessory to balance it out). Plus, you know that
China’s gonna make high quality formal wear eventually.

Cottage industries are about to do some major DIY cottage renovations. This should be exciting.