The Beckham Jetliner
Guy Brighton
Guy Brighton on March 23, 2006.

OK. We’re guessing it’s for the Beckhams but it’s not hard to suppose. Gizmag has a feature on the development of the design and implementation of a VIP interior for an Airbus A319. One that “must reflect the distinct personality and taste of his client; a ‘Power’ couple, both in their thirties with a youthful and stylish outlook but very family-conscious, whose security, privacy and comfort had caused them to reassess the way they travelled as a family.”

The open space allows passengers to look down the entire length of the plane, it has “vast” lounger-style seating (for the entourage), a well stocked bar with a central island holding drinks, glasses, a little ‘Snug’ with a large projection system, offering films, TV, internet access and, quite possibly, Sky Sports.

gizmag Article: Designer Jet interiors for the rich and famous