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Ozgur Alaz, Promoqube
Ozgur Alaz, Promoqube on April 11, 2006.

Mobile media company 3 has started a deal with Microsoft’s msnspace to create a branded MSN Space for 3′s SeeMeTV channel, which displays user-generated content, shot by 3 customers. The agreement will enable 3 customers to submit short videos taken on
their video mobiles or digital cameras to an email address. The ten
best video clips will be posted daily on the 3 MSN Space, where other
users can vote for favourite clips and post blogs. At the end of each
week, a £100 prize will be awarded to the video that receives the most
votes, with a £1,000 prize for the overall winner.

It is good initiation to catch tech-savy youth generation and connect them in their own environment. But i think site is not so user friendly. Watching videos are a bit hard (not youtube style), and voting videos takes a few step.

site link
(via mobilemarketingmagazine)

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Ozgur Alaz, Promoqube

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