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Tom and Nicole, More famous together!

It seems to be a well established phenomenon that if you put more than one famous person together, they become even more famous than the...

Simon King, London Denim

It seems to be a well established phenomenon that if you put more than one famous person together, they become even more famous than the sum of their parts.  Those of you with a mathematical frame of perspective might think of it as fame squared.

Take for example Tom and Nicole.  Both film stars in their own right but as a couple they topped the Hollywood A list for years.   Or perhaps an even better example, Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones.  On their own you have one aging actor and a relatively small time (by Hollywood standards) actress.  Together you have ‘Hello vs OK – see you in court’ tabloid notoriety.  There are no shortage of examples on our side of the Atlantic either.   I’ll wager that Posh and Becks continue to provide fodder for gossip columnists years after Becks has seen his last England match and even though the closest Posh is likely to get to the top 10 these days is by visiting HMV.

Fame multiplification is not only confined to individuals who are romantically attached.  Legend has it that the concept of the supermodel originated with Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista and Christy Turlington’s infamous night out together at a New York nightclub.  Shortly thereafter Versace coined the term supermodel, paid them a fortune to walk his catwalks and the rest is history.

Admittedly Celebrity Love Island’ may seem to disprove this theory but I would contend that your raw material needs a certain threshold.  In the same way that it just doesn’t work so well now that it’s Tom and Katie (who?), the losers on that show fall way short.

So what does this say about the man, or more likely woman, on the street who actually make this happen.  Most likely that we are fascinated by human relationships – it is after all the fuel that fills the tank of the gossip machine.  And if you are a savvy enough to recognise it (step up Jordan and Peter)  then this is one way of raising your place on the A to Z list and milking it for all its worth.

Fame Squared (or Fame multiplication)

Tom and Nicole,  More famous together!

Words:  Clairabelle Trixi Tullulah

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