Not only has John Grant, of New Marketing Manifesto and After Image fame, just released a new book, The Brand Innovation Manifesto but he’s been good enough to blog much of his current thinking too. His latest blog post attempts to pin down exactly what Marketing 2.0 is. The main forms of marketing 2.0 strategy […]

The main forms of marketing 2.0 strategy (that replace ‘messaging’) are as follows:

1. personalisation: eg Nike iD, Top Shop advisors, first direct service

2. co-creation; eg Wikipedia, Lego Factory, Amazon reviews

3. cascades and crazes; eg iPod, Gmail invites, YouTube

4. social connections; Friends Reunited, MySpace, Facebook

5. community and clans; inNYC card, Starbucks ‘perk up your life’, Red Bull

6. causes and values: Dove, Toyota Prius, Amex Red

7. crowd and awe experiences: Selfridges Vegas Supernova, O2 Wireless festival, Nike Run London

8. concept innovation & customer education: Flora Activ, Budweiser Day Fresh, Nike Free

9. brand JVs: Nike/iPod, Levis/iPod, U2/iPod…

10. Folksy grassrootsiness: Innocent, Google ‘lucky’ button, from ‘reality’ TV to YouTube

For many of these examples the business is the brand; the distinction between innovation and marketing ideas is becoming irrelevant and sometimes it is enough ‘just to be Google’.