The Limitations of TV

If, in the age of YouTube, blogs, podcasting and BitTorrent, we accept the argument that brands and brand strategies are molecular and that brands should assume a media budget of zero then where do TV spots fit in?

Ed Cotton over at Influx Insights has investigated this further and looked into how Innocent Drinks have attempted to add TV advertising into their communications mix. Ed argues that the TV spot is too limiting.

“The ad does a valiant job of trying to capture the personality, values and texture of the brand, but can’t quite do it justice within the allotted time.

“The problem with TV spots is that they have a “frame”. A set of expectations of what TV ads should be like and what they should feel like. They fit tightly into “pods” and are dispensed out into the world as interuptions to our programing. If you remove the constraints of interuption, pods and time limitations, there’s suddenly a lot more freedom and a lot more territory than can be explored.”