Over on his excellent planning blog, Adliterate, Richard Huntingdon has argued that great brand ideas are very rare. This has provoked some very interesting comments, one from Will, a young ‘wannabe adman’ who says: “A great brand idea must be simultaneously capable of incredible clarity in the proposition, but be capable of a much bigger […]

Run London – Nike
Dirt is Good – Persil
Just do it! – Nike
The Fourth Emergency Service – The AA
Reassuringly Expensive – Stella
The Power of Dreams – Honda
It’s good to talk – BT
Every little helps – Tesco
The campaign for real beauty – Dove
Have a break, have a Kit Kat – Kit Kat
Think Different – Apple
The World’s favourite airline – BA
Good things come to those who wait – Guiness
Orange Wednesdays – Orange
The ultimate driving machine – BMW

If you disagree or if you can think of any more, or maybe some less Anglo-centric, let us know.