Sony Launches Virtual World

Remember when we talked about how Second Life was too sophisticated...

Piers Fawkes, PSFK
Piers Fawkes, PSFK on March 7, 2007. @piers_fawkes

Remember when we talked about how Second Life was too sophisticated and that a more useful virtual world would act a little dumber like Grand Theft Auto – well, it looks like Sony was listening because they’ve launched a virtual work for their PS3 consoles called Playstation Home.

Kokatu blog has the scoop:

The free service, which will go into beta this April and hit consoles this fall, will become a new menu item in the cross media bar. When you select it you will be dropped into a virtual world peopled by life-like avatars. From what we saw during a press screening, customization of these avatars is incredibly flexible, allowing you to create something that looks as much like you as you would want…You can communicate with others in the lobby by talking, typing, using motions or pre-written phrases.

[A users'] apartment will become the nexus of your Playstation 3 experience. It is where you can listen to music, look at pictures, watch video, invite your friends over to talk and even go into multiplayer games together to play as a group.

“This could become your clan heaquarters,” Harrison said. “From within home you can launch multiplayer games directly. You can then come back into home afterward and talk about it.”

…It’s also possible for companies or publishers to create their own spaces. For instance Electronic Arts could create a space that shows off their current and upcoming games in a virtual world that looks more like a mall than a store.


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