Most Popular Posts On PSFK Of 2008

Here are the top 10 most popular stories of 2008 on PSFK together with the pageviews monitored by Google Analytics.

1. Special Slime Will Clean Your Keyboard – 104,736 pageviews

2. ATTIGO TT: The Touch Screen Turntable – 40,186 pageviews

3. We Need More Power, Keep Dancing! – 36,729 pageviews

4. The Fashion category’s front page – 27,637 pageviews

5. Solar-Powered Plane Flies For 3 Days Straight – 25,727 pageviews

6. New Banksy Piece In London – 19,019 pageviews

7. Reebok + Kool-Aid = Instant Classics – 13,023 pageviews

8. Lessons Learned from Ze Frank (Being Me) – 11,802 pageviews

9. Bluetooth Burka Digitally Unveils Wearer – 11,477 pageviews

10. Interactive Porn – 11,340 pageviews

Some notes: The StumbleUpon community really liked the Special Slime story and kept it popular long after the story was published. At the other end of the list, the vast majority of Interactive Porn traffic came from search engine users who were probably not looking for a written story about the subject. The only article that was popular due to direct referral was from Ze Frank to Christine’s piece about the couple of weeks where Ze took over her Facebook account. His link to the piece on his blog generates traffic to PSFK even today.

41% of our traffic came from Google, 20% direct (e.g. through links in our newsletter, rss or emails), 6.5% via StumbleUpon and just 3% from Yahoo!