Copper Helps Kill Harmful Super Germs

Some interesting news has come out that shows a promising new use for an old material. Recent studies have shown copper to have amazing anti-germ properties. In a trial at Selly Oak hospital in Birmingham, it was found that copper plumbing fixtures and toilet seats helped kill off deadly super bugs like MRSA and C difficile.

The Telegraph reports:

Although it is widely believed copper provides relief to many, including those with arthritis who wear copper bangles, there is no scientific evidence that they work.

It is thought the presence of copper in the hospital wards prevents the germs from breathing and stops them from feeding.

The ten-week trial involved a set of taps, a toilet seat and a push plate on an entrance door on a medical ward being replaced by copper versions.

They were swabbed twice a day for bugs, comparing the results with traditional versions elsewhere in the ward.

It found the copper items had up to 95 per cent fewer bugs on their surface whenever tested.

Professor Tom Elliott, lead researcher and a consultant microbiologist at the hospital, said: “The findings of 90 to 95 per cent killing of those organisms, even after a busy day on a medical ward with items being touched by numerous people, is remarkable.

Telegraph: “Copper fittings ‘all but eliminate superbugs'”

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