Comment On The Creator Class

Piers Fawkes, PSFK
  • 8 october 2008

I’ve finished my presentation for Friday’s PSFK Conference Asia – and one of the last slides comes from a comment that was left on the site the other day. Gabriel Amadeus said:

“[Creator?] Hey, that’s me! Not that I am successful at it or anything, but I much prefer to be a jack of all trades instead of specializing in “vector illustration”, “interactive flash”, or “band posters”.

“In the past week I’ve designed flyers, banners, screenprinted shirts, welded a homemade bakfiets (dutch cargo bike), organized a scavenger hunt, planned a freakbike booth at the Oregon Manifest, and applied for a bunch of design jobs.

“None of which I got.”

I thought it went way beyond conjuring the spirit of the movement – it hints at the future of both our work and play. Our work is becoming our play and vice versa. And if it doesn’t then you will be one of those ones who just has a job.

Lots of comments here about the Creator Class.

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