Light Bulb to Last 30 Years

Light Bulb to Last 30 Years
Dan Gould

Kempt points us to Frog Design’s beautifully designed LED light bulb. In many ways it’s superior to any bulb out there. It uses the traditional light bulb shape as opposed to the squiggly form of the compact fluorescent. Besides looking like a familiar object, it also allows it to fit in any existing light socket. The LED is also very energy efficient and is dimmable. And perhaps the greatest fact of all: this light bulb will supposedly last for 30 years. That’s no Livermore bulb, but it’s a start!

Frog studied the psychology of light quality, and how that impacts the acceptance of current energy efficient lighting options. The solution the firm came up with was designed to appeal to consumers wanting a warmer alternative to CFL’s, but who also wanted to save money and be environmentally friendly.

[Frog Design via Kempt]