FEED: The Razorfish Consumer Experience Report 2008

FEED: The Razorfish Consumer Experience Report 2008
Dan Gould

Gerd Leonhard at Media Futurist points us to an information rich report from Razorfish. Titled FEED: The Razorfish Consumer Experience Report 2008, the slide show and PDF contains a wealth of great thinking and analysis about the current and emerging digital/online world. A definite must-read for those interested in thought provoking ideas about the connected consumer.

From the introduction:

The rise of search as a primary mode of navigation, the widespread adoption of Web 2.0 features and technologies and the noticeable uptick in mainstream social media usage have
fundamentally altered the consumer landscape—fracturing it in ways that we couldn’t have imagined just a few years ago. As our design team explains in our Razorfish Digital Consumer Behavior Study, today’s consumer is more technically adept, open for experimentation and—most importantly—active than ever before.

For brands to remain relevant in this environment, they will need to adapt to both emerging technologies and shifting consumer behavior without delay. Those who will succeed need to act more like publishers, entertainment companies or even party planners, than advertisers, such as Nike who recently scored a major coup by hosting a global “Human Race.”

Brands will need to create content that engages and “reaches” consumers across channels, provide valuable services over mere advertising and master an increasingly complicated and expansive content distribution model. And, of course, they will need to rethink the way they create relationships (or conversations) with consumers before it’s too late.

FEED: The Razorfish Consumer Experience Report 2008

[via Media Futurist]