Making (and Renting) Your Own Campground

Making (and Renting) Your Own Campground
Christine Huang

Single Spot Camping is a sort of Air Bed and Breakfast for the nature-loving set. The Swedish site offers travelers options beyond hotels or crowded campgrounds by matching up homeowners with sizable plots of vacant land with campers looking for a bit of the outdoors – even if it’s a backyard (or a garage!). The site’s participating hosts often serve as local experts who can make visitors’ backpacking trips a little more personal. The site says that guests are also offered the “possibility to bring your horse at some spots”.

We’ve seen similar services, like Couchsurfing and Better Than the Van, that offer direct access between hosts and travelers, but we like seeing simple web-based platforms like these continuing to extend to serve niche communities – even those trying to get away from it all.

[via Springwise]