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PSFK Conference New York Speaker: Celestine Arnold

PSFK Conference New York Speaker: Celestine Arnold
Larissa Hayden

We’re looking forward to having Celestine Arnold, creative strategy consultant, join us at our upcoming PSFK Conference NYC 2009. Celestine will be speaking on the changing face of race in gaming, virtual worlds and social networks.

First, who are you and what do you do?

My name is Celestine Arnold and I’m a creative strategy consultant to brands and agencies. I generally work in the gaming, social media and digital spheres, but have worked across all types of industries. I find it is nice to mix it up a bit.

In one paragraph, can you explain what themes and ideas you hope to touch upon during your talk at PSFK Conference NYC?

I’m interested in the idea of race and identity in the online and gaming contexts. There are many convergence points in what’s happening in these spaces. Brands and agencies needs a better understanding of the varied, often complicated social dynamics in these environments. If they don’t start paying better attention, they will lose out on huge opportunities.

5 hyperlinks to sites that provide you with inspiration:

Thanks, Celestine!

To hear more from Celestine, get your ticket for PSFK Conference New York now.

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