DoubleTwist: Unifying Your Media

Founded in Norway, but based in San Francisco, doubleTwist aims to be the only media platform you’ll need to link all your videos, photos, and music. It recognizes major devices like iPhones, Blackberries, G1s, and Sony PSPs. You can browse, transfer, and send any media from your computer to other devices—doubleTwist will convert the formats […]

On why doubleTwist exists:

To create a unifying media platform that connects consumers with all their media and all their devices, regardless of whether they are online or offline.

We feel that just like you don’t have to use a different browser for every web site you visit (Firefox to read the NY Times, IE to stream Hulu, Chrome to browse YouTube, etc) you shouldn’t have to use iTunes for Apple products, Nokia software for Nokia phones, Sony software for Sony products, etc.