The Social PSFK Reader

The Social PSFK Reader
Jeff Weiner

The results are in.  Thank you to everyone who participated in our Annual PSFK Reader Survey.  We received an overwhelming response and now have even greater insight into who you are, how you consume PSFK content, and how you share it with your peers.

It turns out that we already had a pretty clear idea of our audience: a group of highly-networked, tech-savvy, urbanites.  Here are a couple of statistics that we thought were worth sharing:

Your network:

91.9% of PSFK readers have a Facebook page

64.6% of PSFK readers have a Twitter account

Your background and activities:

53.7% of PSFK readers publish their own blog

We also found that the majority of PSFK readers work for a professional services organization (basically, an agency of some sort):

** 64% of PSFK readers work for a professional services organization. More respondents worked for advertising agencies (43.1%) than any other professional services organization. Staffers also worked in digital (22.7%), strategy/planning (21%), design (21%), branding (18.8%). (multiple selection). Within these firms, the common job role was account planner or creative.

And finally, one of our favorite findings:

90% of PSFK readers have shared PSFK content with their peers – via blogs, email, Twitter, and other social media.

For more information, we welcome you to download our complete media kit here. For more information about talking to our audience through advertising and sponsorship opportunities visit our Advertising Page.

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