Video: PSFK Conference NYC: Reconnect

Video: PSFK Conference NYC: Reconnect
Christine Huang

At PSFK Conference NYC, moderator David Pinter (PSFK) along with Sarah Beatty (Green Depot), Simon Collins (Parsons), Ryan Jacoby (IDEO), and Matthew Lusk (Hecho Inc.) discussed the meaning of “sustainability” today, and how economic and social conscience are driving the design of new products and services. Sustainability, explained Simon, is not just about creating eco-friendly products; it’s also about making thoughtful choices as a consumer, too (buying blue jeans that last, for example). Sarah expanded on that idea, explaining that focusing on sustainability means seeking out high-quality products and services – things that maintain value and meaning over time.

The panel also discussed brands that are serving as good role models in sustainability thought leadership, including Method,, Recyclebank, and even Walmart. But, as Simon warns, sustainability is not a destination, but a journey. It encompasses more than just shifts in design and branding – it means, more significantly, changing mindsets, behaviors, and beliefs about what being “green” means.

Watch the video in full below: