16MM Movies at Secret Locations

The Guerilla Drive-In is an organization that projects 16MM movies in interesting locations in and around the West Chester, Pennsylvania area. Since 2007 the group has staged secret film viewings in settings that match the theme of the movie being screened. For example: Caddyshack was shown at a golf course, Meatballs at a canoe rental […]

All movies are shown using a 1970’s Eiki school projector, which is mounted on a 1977 BMW R100/7 sidecar rig.

The process to gain admittance to the GDI’s member list is an adventure in and of itself. Prospective members need to find the “MacGuffin” – an orange Pelican case filled with an AM transmitter, wired to an ex-Retropod Sony Sports Walkman, playing a continuous-loop answering machine cassette that plays the secret access code needed to join. After finding the MacGuffin, you have to take a picture of yourself with it, email the access code and picture, and you’re in. Once on the list, details on how to get to the screenings are sent out the week of the showing.



Guerilla Drive In

- Thanks to Scott Burns for the spot