Bowls Crafted from Hot Glue

Bowls Crafted from Hot Glue
Dave Pinter, PSFK

We spotted these colorful bowls at the NY Gift Fair. They are created by Tony Wurman of Wunderworks Design based in New York City. Wurman is classically trained as a glass blower but was looking for alternative materials to experiment with. He discovered the polymer EVA or as it is more commonly known, hotmelt glue. EVA is non-toxic and can be recycled. The bowls are created using similar techniques to glass blowing. But the EVA bowls are flexible and won’t shatter. They have a beautiful translucent glass-like appearance and are more works of art. Wurman continues to experiment with the polymer and also has developed lighting and jewelry with the material.


PSFK Writer Dave Pinter, PSFK