Solar Activated T-Shirt  by Moondial and Wendy & Jim

Moondial teamed up with designers Wendy & Jim to create the Sun Nº01 limited edition zebra print tee, a "sunlight-activated" shirt which...

Laura Feinstein
Laura Feinstein on September 25, 2009. @Whatsherrrface

From dolls to gloves, in the mid-to-late 80′s  designs which appeared after being exposed to cold were all the rage. This new technology, coupled with a desire for pop art design, fueled such brands as Freaky Freezies and made them highly coveted collectors items even today. With the 80′s style craze still (inexplicably) popular, it should come as no surprise that this type of “morphing” fashion should come back into vogue.

Recently, Moondial teamed up with Viennese/ NYC based designers Wendy & Jim to create the  Sun Nº01  limited edition zebra print tee, a “sunlight-activated”  shirt which launched at the ARS Electronica Festival this year. The shirt is available at the moondial website and partially the brainchild of Sabine Seymour- a Parsons professors and author of the book Fashionable Technology which deals with the “Intersection of Design, Fashion, Science, and Technology.”

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