Soul Sampa: Unique Custom Tours of São Paulo

Soul Sampa creates fresh, customized “urban experiences” related to sustainability in terms of design, fashion, street art and music.

Ask anyone about São Paulo’s tourist attractions and you’ll probably get little more than Ibirapuera Park, Paulista Avenue, some nightclubs and a bunch of restaurants.

The city is best known as Brazil’s business epicenter, where visitors are often likely to experience the chaotic traffic generated by more than 6 million cars on the streets. However, the adventurous traveler that is willing to go deeper beneath the surface will find an immense variety of places to go and things to do. The problem is how to get off the beaten track within the context of little time and little patience.

Soul Sampa is determined to fill this gap with fresh, customized “urban experiences”. Its suggestions are a mix between fixed and temporary venues, like art exhibitions, popular manifestations, music shows and events related to sustainability in terms of design, fashion, street art and music.

Most of the routes offered by Soul Sampa are intended to be traveled on foot, thus reducing the carbon footprint of the tour and bringing the tourist, whether local or foreign, closer to the city’s true essence. One can choose between a cultural overview of the metropolis, a thematic tour followed by a specialist or a specific “dive” into the city, for those who know exactly what they want but have no clue of where to find it. Pictures and videos are courtesy of Soul Sampa, via a “cultural counselor” that accompanies and documents every tour.

Contributed by Mauricio Soares (@mausoares)