PSFK Talks To Diesel’s Renzo Rosso

PSFK Talks To Diesel’s Renzo Rosso

PSFK sat down to talk with Diesel Founder Renzo Rosso about inspiration, the Internet, nature and more.

Laura Feinstein
  • 23 october 2009

They call it a New York minute for a reason- NYC residents are known to pack every second with activity- from work to play to exercise. So when PSFK was given 10 quick minutes with Diesel founder and owner Renzo Rosso at Diesel’s headquarters yesterday, we knew we had to get our most pressing questions in. Rosso, who is in town to be honored by stars and fellow designers alike for the 26th Annual Night of Stars Corporate Leadership award for building a 30-year old brand, was every bit the affable and hip figure one imagines the creator of Diesel to be. As for the prestigious award? It is expected to draw a veritable who’s-who of the fashion world.

According to the press release:

The Night of Stars is one of the biggest galas in the fashion community put on by The Fashion Group International. They honor the biggest names in fashion, everyone from Donatella Versace to Yohji Yamamoto. Also honored are architects, people in the beauty business and designers. This year’s theme is The Storytellers and other honorees include Frida Giannini from Gucci, Michael Kors, Kenneth Cole and Oscar de la Renta.

PSFK: As a blog, we’re always interested in what companies are doing with their internet identities. How is Diesel planning on “going digital”?

RR: We definitely want to do more with our website. We really like blogs, websites- they’re more real. Not just to us but to the consumer- online the consumer realizes whether you’re real or fake. You can’t buy blogs and tell them what to write about you. What they write is how they really feel. And I’m really happy about this- happy to be able to interact directly with our fans, our customers. For all of my life brands have just been buying press, buying good reviews- and now it’s up to the people whether they like your product. And you get to hear directly from them what they like about it. It’s also giving new opportunities to smaller brands with less money, who otherwise might not be able to afford more press. Now you can send images directly to blogs and share your designs with the world, like the small details on jeans, or pockets. People all over can see the patience designers put into detail. It makes you a more beloved brand.

PSFK: It seems that you really believe in the Internet, what are your favorite websites to browse at work for inspiration?

RR: Facebook. It’s a great way to communicate, stay in touch- with friends, with fans. Also Twitter- we are on twitter.  But also Google, because whatever you are looking for you can just look for a few images or words, and everything is presented to you! But most of all I like Facebook.

PSFK: What in your daily life would you say most inspires you?

RR: I love nature. It’s a big influence for me- it can give you such energy, an energy for living. But I get my inspiration from all kinds of things. From looking at magazines , websites, store windows, videos, an interesting person on the street. The people I meet are an inspiration too, I meet so many people all the time- wonderful people. I like to observe people, really understand them, find way to attain their (unique) style. Noticing how people style themselves is a big influence to me- and I always have a curiosity to have more information and to better understand people, it helps me understand my business!

PSFK: What person- Died or alive, real or imaginary- would you like to inspire you?

RR: Hm..Diabolik perhaps? The Cartoon with Eva Kant.

Thanks Renzo!


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