PicTranslator: Snap and Understand

PicTranslator is an iPhone application that has the ability to capture any printed foreign text from a user's photo and translate it.

Nate Graham
Nate Graham on October 29, 2009.

Eating while traveling can often be a mystifying experience. If there’s a foreign language involved it can include guessing, pointing, and even complete mystery.  While that can be half the fun, for those who are looking for a more concrete culinary experience, PicTranslator can help.  Snap a picture of any menu in question and have it translated on the spot.  Priced at 99 cents, this iPhone application captures text from users’ photos and translates it. In addition to menus, it can handle any form of printed text.  Though not at all a replacement for language skills, it does provide a quick and painless way to avoid the all too routine tourist-guidebook-flip.

[via Eat Me Daily]

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