PSFK Talks to Jeff Staple About the Rain Camo Kia Soul

PSFK Talks to Jeff Staple About the Rain Camo Kia Soul

We recently caught up with designer entrepreneur Jeff Staple (of Staple Design) to find out more about his latest creation: the Rain Chamo for Kia.

Christine Huang
  • 1 october 2009

kia soul rain chamo 2

We recently caught up with designer entrepreneur Jeff Staple (of Staple Design) to find out more about his latest creation: the Rain Camo for Kia. Staple, as part of the Kia Soul Collective, specially designed his Kia Soul to be showcased and test-driven in 10 cities around the US as part of the Kia Soul Collective Tour. The tour, which includes free performances by acts like MGMT, The Walkmen, Santigold, The Clipse, Against Me!, Major Lazer, and others, will be making its final stops in NYC on Oct 22 (during the annual CMJ music festival) and in LA on Nov 5.
First, what/who is the Kia Soul Collective?

Kia got together with a group of us to help work with them on the Kia Soul. The Collective consists of myself, the amazing singer/songwriter Janelle Monae, directors Jonas and Francois, who did Kanye West’s video, and Jeffrey Kalmikoff, co-owner and advisor of We each did our part in our respective fields of expertise and so I was actually able to design my version of the car, which was pretty cool.

kia soul rain chamo 3

What was your inspiration for the Rain Camo?

Travelling through New York City streets, I was thinking what was the best way to get around. I came to the conclusion that one should roll through, respecting your surroundings and not being disruptive, but at the same time being able to catch people’s attention. There are things in nature that hold these qualities, but what really came to mind was the classic Arnold Schwarzenegger movie, Predator. The Predator was able to move in silence, blending into its surroundings, yet still stay visually intriguing.

What was the creative process for this collaboration with Kia?

The process was smooth from the get-go. Kia was really cool about giving us full creative authority, so it was fun.We pitched them the concept. They liked it. And then they really liked what we finally came up with.

You’ve worked with several brands in the past (Nike, Kangol, etc). Any future collaborations in the works?

At the moment, there are a many, many projects in the works! As these projects solidify, I will post on the blog (, so keep your eyes peeled.

What would be your dream creative collaboration?

I would love to work on a residential building or hotel.

Thanks, Jeff!

More on Jeff’s design and the Kia Soul Collective can be found here.


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