The Tapeworm: Limited Edition Cassette Tapes

A small London-based label called The Tapeworm produces cassette-only releases, limited to 250 copies.

Do  you remember listening to cassette tapes? Well, they’re making a comeback in the form of art. A small London-based label called The Tapeworm produces cassette-only releases, limited to 250 copies -  and most have sold out. Phillip Marshall of The Tapeworm explains:

“We were looking for a way to edition music in small runs that was cost effective and would also make the artists we were commissioning think about the ‘a’ and the ‘b.’ There’s a lost art to the ‘a’ and the ‘b’,” he says of downloaded music in particular, “a lost art to a sequence of music, a lost art to the album.”

The Tapeworm has released twelve cassette tape albums, including Baraclough, a London-based trio comprised of a classically-trained musician, a self-taught musician, and a non-musician. Another release is the music of composer Simon Fisher Turner, best known for his soundtracks to the films of Derek Jarman. According to the The British Phonographic Institute only 8,443 cassettes were sold in 2009. In the era of digital music, artists are turning to the cassette as a frame for sound art.

[via BBC News]