Aeolus: A Singing Acoustic Wind Pavilion

Luke Jerram, a multi-disciplinary artist combines acoustics, wind and architecture in his harmonious design of Aeolus.

Multi-disciplinary artist Luke Jerram combines acoustics, wind and architecture in his harmonious installation, Aeolus. While on a research trip in Iran, Jerram was inspired by the Windcatchers of Yadz and interviewed a local well digger who spoke of how the desert wells sing in the wind. Thanks to a UK government grant from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, Aeolus will make the movement of wind audible without any electrical power or amplification.

Engineers are exploring acoustical options and observing the changing landscape of wind around the structure, as the acoustics will change as the wind alters its direction and strength. The goal is to amplify a three dimensional landscape of wind, with the use of Aeolian harps. The public will be able to visualise the shifting wind landscape from within the space by interpreting the sound around them.

Watch a video about the project below:

[via Luke Jerram]