Capture Your Flag: Finding Fulfillment To Cultivate Your Purpose

Online interview series, Capture Your Flag tells a more hopeful narrative for people planning their professional and personal life journey.

Erik Michielsen created the online interview series, Capture Your Flag to tell a more hopeful story for people planning their professional and personal life journey; highlighting emerging leaders of all professions who define common building blocks behind their sense of fulfillment. Online video and social media are the entry point for which visitors can customize their own narrative built upon goals and ambitions. The show aims to dispel the overwhelming fear associated with life planning by throwing the door wide open with possibility.

The format of Capture Your Flag puts the viewer at ease with a cross section of guests in their 20s, 30s, and 40s that can be related to on a basic human level. Each are developing their paths and discuss the crucial decisions they have made to shape their personal and career development. Themes are diverse and wide-ranging, including everything from career transition, multi-cultural immersion to establishing trust, and overcoming adversity. The “Fulfillment Flag” tag feature emphasizes these common themes associated with interviewee decisions and career growth. Capture Your Flag embodies the spirit of human connection by handing viewers the inspiration to map and reach for future life goals.

Capture Your Flag