JWT’s Sean Boyle On 10 Steps To Fix Advertising

Sean Boyle gave an impressive talk at the 4As Transformer conference earlier this week, where he offered ten steps to fix advertising.

At the 4As Transformer conference earlier this week in San Francisco, president Nancy Hill invited outspoken minds of the advertising industry to tell an audience of over a thousand agency CEOs how they would change the industry. Sean Boyle, a global planning director at JWT, gave an impressive talk with his Stop-Start Ten Commandments. Here’s a rough video talk shot by PSFK friend Dylan Viner:

In order, here are Boyle’s ten steps to fix advertising:

1: Start Telling The Truth
2: Stop The Politics
3: Start Having Fun Again
4: Stop Overthinking Things
5: Start Doing Something
6: Stop The Incessant Research
7: Start Doing Good
8: Stop Banging On About Digital
9: Start Ups Again Please
10: Stop Using Animals In Commercials

Here’s a PDF of Sean’s presentation.

Stop The Madness