(Pics) Interactive OLED Mirrorwall

(Pics) Interactive OLED Mirrorwall

Lumiblade Reflections from Philips is a range of interactive lighting mirrorwalls which use OLED technology.

Naresh Kumar

Philips has announced that its new range of lighting mirrorwalls called Lumiblade Reflections will be available on sale in limited quantities. Through a grid of linked OLEDs (Organic Light Emitting Diodes), the mirrorwall acts as a lit curtain wall when it is powered and when infrared sensors detect the presence of an object, the OLED face becomes a mirrored surface.

Thanks to OLED technology, Lumiblade reflections is extremely energy efficient and gives better output than products made with LED technology.

The limited editions would be priced at around $6,798.

Philips Lumiblade

[via Inhabitat]