Design Kindergarten: The Danish Are Starting’em Young

Design Kindergarten: The Danish Are Starting’em Young

CEBRA architects perfectly capture the spirit of a unique new kindergarten with their idea drawings.

Dave Pinter, PSFK

First of all, yes it is real, but not open yet. Architects CEBRA have been working on the design of a new kindergarten in Southern Denmank based around different “themes” that focus of specific activities -in this case art, design and architecture. Encompassing five blob shaped buildings, the design team has intentionally avoided including typical building features. This is to encourage the children attending to not form any preconceived ideas about what architecture or a house has to look like. The exterior of the school is to have a rounded base and jagged roof.

While the concept of the school itself is facinating, CEBRA’s idea drawings for the project really set the tone. Its not often an architectural rendering can make you smile.





[via arch daily]

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