Null Stern Hotel: Using Wasted Spaces To House Travelers On A Budget

Sometimes all you really need is a bed and a roof over your head.

Sometimes all you really need is a bed and a roof over your head. Null Stern Hotel in Teufen, Switzerland gives the cold shoulder to five star hoteliers with their brand, claiming ‘the only star is you’, a seemingly tongue in cheek guffaw at branding in the hospitality industry.  The no frills concept for hotel living is described as an ‘invention’ by Swiss concept artists Frank and Patrik Riklin.  According to the website, the hotel is ‘an art installation in a Swiss nuclear bunker converted into an ‘eco-luxury’ hotel’.  By utilizing local community resources, The Null Stern Hotel work with local business connections to identify wasted real estate locations, inadvertently giving them ‘second life’ by transforming them into lodging facilities.

The hotel can house up to 14 guests with 6 single beds and 4 double beds; each one is ‘a room without a wall’. First class beds come in the form of antique beds whilst standard beds are military bunk beds.

If all you have is $9 to spend per night, and are willing to adventure beyond budget initiatives such as EasyHotel, then Null Stern’s your provider.   If even just for the incredible story.

Null Stern Hotel

[via HowdyHeidi]