2010 ICFF: Detergent Bottle Lamps

Designer Eugenio Menjivar transforms discarded detergent bottles into beautiful pendant lights inspired by lotus flowers.

Dave Pinter
Dave Pinter on May 18, 2010. @DavePinter

Loto is a series of lamps made from discarded detergent bottles inspired by the organic shape of lotus flowers. El Salvador born designer Eugenio Menjivar noticed that the beautiful lotus flower typically thrives in muddy swamps and wanted to create a precious object out of plastic debris. He hopes people appreciate the sustainable design of the Loto lamps and also realize that beauty can come from the reuse of materials normally treated as trash.

lotto_detergent_lamps_6 lotto_detergent_lamps_1 lotto_detergent_lamps_3 lotto_detergent_lamps_5