Kraft Foods Launches Branded Content For The Cinema

As part of a new marketing campaign, Kraft Foods has partnered with National CineMedia to bring a series of entertainment segments for cinema audiences.

Kraft Foods has launched a marketing campaign teaming up with National CineMedia to bring a series of short two to three minute branded entertainment segments for its brands such as Oscar Mayer Lunchables, Stride gum and Ritz crackers. The segments will be included on NCM’s FirstLook pre-feature program running on its digital network of over 15,000 screens.

Kraft Foods thus becomes the first food advertiser to create a long-form, branded content for the cinema. The company explains their marketing strategy:

This new cinema campaign perfectly fits with our strategy to reach audiences in more engaging ways and drive a deeper connection with our brands. It is also the very first advertising initiative in the U.S. that will include both Kraft Foods and Cadbury brands.

Adweek: “Kraft Brands Go to the Movies”

Image by rpb1001