(Pics) Bionic Hand Innovation Offers Improved Control

The i-Limb Pulse, by Touch Bionics uses a special technology that allows a more realistic experience.

A new kind of bionic hand promises an improved level of control and realistic functioning for users. The i-Limb Pulse, by Touch Bionics uses something called pulsing technology that allows wearers to better grip small objects like cards, shoelaces or papers.

Touch Bionics explains more:

When the i-LIMB Pulse closes on an object, the user has the option to use the pulsing effect to apply significant additional grip force, allowing the device to grasp an object very tightly. This effect is generated by sending rapid, high-frequency electronic pulses to the finger motors, driving them to close more securely around an object.

The Pulse can also be custom programmed using a Bluetooth connection.

This upgrade is considered a significant move forward for bionics, and will be featured at a trade show in Germany this week.

Touch Bionics

[via Mail Online]