Students Turn Local Issue Into Performance Piece

Taking the term "non- violent protest" to new levels, a group of students from New York have created a visual interpretation of the Atlantic Yards...

Laura Feinstein
Laura Feinstein on May 20, 2010. @Whatsherrrface

Taking the term “non- violent protest” to new levels, students in Brooklyn College’s Performance and Interactive Media Arts MFA Program have created a visual interpretation of the Atlantic Yards controversy as part of a semesters long project.  This coming weekend the troupe will be performing the fruits of their intellectual and artistic labor with a public art-influenced dialogue and  presentation of their work entitled “A Question of Domain: Art About Atlantic Yards”. The performance will be held Friday at 6:30pm on the 6th Avenue playground between Dean and Bergen Streets (BK),  and will then later be moving indoors to the iconic nightclub Southpaw at 8pm.

The Atlantic Yards is of a topic of great interest in the Brooklyn community because its development will mean the destruction of several buildings- along with the eventual displacement of many of its residents. However, the Mayor of New York has justified the building of the project by saying that the benefits will greatly outweigh what is seen as minor inconveniences. The issue, which kicks up dust-cloud issues of class, gentrification, and neighborhood identity, have proven to be fertile grounds for creativity for these students. We can’t help but wonder what the outcome of their exploration will be- as well as why more people don’t choose imaginative means like these to get their message across.

Brooklyn College Performance and Interactive Media Arts MFA Program