Urban Agriculture: A 40,000-Square Foot Rooftop Farm In New York

Urban agriculture is on the rise in cities. A large new farm in Queens is aiming to grow and distribute produce locally.

A group of entrepreneurs, led by restaurateur Ben Flanner, is developing a rooftop farm spread over the 40,000-square foot-roof of a building in Queens, New York. The for-profit farm, called Brooklyn Grange, will be transplanted with around 9,000 seedlings that will grow tomatoes, peppers, eggplants and leafy greens. The resulting produce will be sold to local restaurants and at a farm stand at the Grange. Over a million pounds of a specially engineered soil mix called Rooflite was used as the soil medium and was spread out eight inches deep over layers of root barrier, felt and drainage material for minimizing the need to water and protect the skin of the roof.

Brooklyn Grange

[via NY Times]