A Window On Your Arm: Watch Indicates Time By Color Of The Sky

Japanese designer, Ryohei Yoshiyuki uses an unexpected language to represent time.

Japanese designer, Ryohei Yoshiyuki, has paired up with media artist Tomoya Kahimada to create a watch interface that approximates time through the language of the sky’s corresponding color gradient.  The bluish tint’s brightness on the face of the watch parallels the color of the sky during that time.  Yoshiyuki models this watch after the window – where peering outside of one loosely indicates the vicinity of time.  There is a cycle of colors gradually shifting from blue to black, and then back, as days carry on.  While it might not suffice for those heavy on punctuality and micro-scheduling, it’s a fascinating concept where the color ambiance beautifully communicates the context of time passage.

Ryohei Yoshiyuki

[via designboom]