Audi’s Travolution System Improves Road Safety, Promotes Eco-Friendly Driving

A new vehicle to infrastructure communication system from Audi lets cars interact with traffic lights, cars and other devices.

Automobile giant Audi has developed a new vehicle-to-infrastructure communication system called travolution technology to reduce pollution and improve efficiency and road traffic safety. The system uses WiFi and 3G to let cars communicate with traffic lights and other cars on the road.  If the car stops at a red light, the system transmits information via the car’s computer on how long it will have to wait before the light switches to green. If the car approaches a traffic light that is about to switch to red, the driver is alerted by a visual or sound signal. The system also tracks traffic jams and even takes care of online payment at gas stations and parking garages.

Watch a video demo below:


[via Engadget]