Bare Bones: Print Is Not Dead Yet

Artists Harry Malt and Chris Bianchi are the creative minds behind the project, a printed collection of art, writing, illustration and photography...

Courtney Boyd Myers
Courtney Boyd Myers on June 25, 2010.

In the twilight of the printed book era, two artists decided that books can still be beautiful.

One year ago, in the summer of 2009, UK based artists Harry Malt and Chris Bianchi founded Bare Bones, a printed collection of art, writing, illustration and photography that believes in art for art’s sake and baulks at the assembly-line reality of large-scale publishing.

Bare Bones is an non-commercial outlet for artists, photographers and image makers across the world. Spawned in London in the deepest plunge of the global economic melt down, it is a raw celebration of doing things for love and fun — a timely reminder how in times of hardship, art and creativity can and always will, flourish.

Bare Bones is a self-published, self-funded, self-distributed and free quarterly zine. The first Bare Bones exhibition took place in London’s Dazed & Confused gallery in July 2009. On Tuesday, June 29th at NYC’s Envoy Enterprises, Bare Bones will be having their first US show featuring artwork from stateside based artists and of course, London’s finest. They will also be introducing video for the first time, curated by artist Matt Lambert.

BareBones 3 from Bare Bones on Vimeo.

Gutenberg would be pleased.

Event Info:

June 29th; 6-9 @ NYC’s Envoy Enterprises (131 Chrystie St)

After party downstairs at Home Sweet Home from 9-11.

Live performances by the mighty Jugger-Nut & The Giggle Fits

Bare Bones