England’s Football Coach To Use Hi-Tech TVs To Spy On Players

Fabio Capello plans to use “big brother” technology to keep his players in line.

During this FIFA world cup, England’s football coach, Fabio Capello, plans to spy on his players using hi-tech TVs installed in their hotel rooms in order to keep out their wives and girlfriends (called as WAGs) and ensuring that the players are getting proper rest. Apparently, he believes that a sex ban will ensure that the players are bursting with energy right through the world cup. Apart from spying, the hotel TVs can be used by Capello to call on his players anytime. He has already banned the WAGs from the team’s base camp.

Clearly, Capello’s move has not gone too well with his star players, some of whom compared it to a Big Brother like reality show.

[via HotelChatter]