Griid: Turning The iPad Into A Control Hub For Musical Performances

A new versatile control software enhances live musical events.

Griid is an Ableton Live touch controller, and is designed for expressive and tactile live performance via an iPad or iPhone. It uses an advanced clip grid interface which allows for rapid and efficient navigation of large, live sets and fire clips. The software was debuted at the Detroit Electronic Music Festival by Richie Hawtin, who took to the stage with two iPads running Griid, making it perhaps the first time iPad technology has been used on a major festival stage. Griid is used to activate clips from an Ableton Live set which triggers musical events as well as visual events in Derivative’s touch designer and lighting. With Griid, a composer can even play a live show remotely, away from the stage and gear.

Here’s footage of Richie Hawtin rehearsing with the Griid:


[via ResidentAdvisor]