Moving Beyond The White Cube

A return to older-style presentations of art in Berlin.

Lisa Baldini
Lisa Baldini on June 25, 2010.

The standard presentation of contemporary art has relied predominantly on the white cube to build aura and mystique around art objects. However, from net.artists to sculpture, artists are increasingly opting for other venues to present their work.

The show Le Salon Du Cercle De La Culture A Berlin at Circle Culture in Berlin find artists returning to the old salon approach (as seen above). Where once it was limited to elite literati and patrons, this new incarnation of the salon approach — put in contrast with the white cube — may offer a more intimate relationship between artist, object and audience.

Le Salon Du Cercle De La Culture A Berlin runs until July 23rd and features artists:

Jaybo Monk, JR, Ed Templeton, XOOOOX, Andre, Maya Hayuk, NOMAD, Kelsey Brookes, Stefan Strumbel, Aaron Rose, OSKAR, Anton Unai, Elmar Lause, LABRONA, Faith 47, Katrin Fridriks, Helle Mardahl, DTAGNO, Marco “PHO” Grassi and Jonathan Yeo.

Le Salon Du Cercle De La Culture A Berlin at Circle Culture

[via: ANP Quarterly]

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