Mozart, Bacteria, And Energy Efficiency

Can music make microbes more efficient?

Lisa Baldini
Lisa Baldini on June 4, 2010.

We recently reported that the presence of bacteria may make you smarter. In another curious bacteria story, a German sewage plant have found that pumping bacteria with the music of Mozart maximizes the work of the bacteria. In turn, Tree Hugger reports that “the plant expects save 1,000 euros a month”, and when factoring in the energy cost of running the stereo equipment, the company’s savings will still work out to double said expenditure.

The key point in this scenario is that science, here, doesn’t offer the only route to a solution, for here, we have a clear instance where the energy crisis–from an energy efficiency and monetary standpoint–may be approached from a cross-disciplinary measure.

Tree Hugger: “Mozart Makes Microbes Eat Sewage Faster”

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Lisa Baldini

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