Over 4000 Electric Vehicle Charging Stations To Be Installed In American Cities

Coulomb Technologies is rolling out an ambitious plan to build a large network by 2011.

In good news for electric-vehicle owners and enthusiasts, Coulomb Technologies, a leading manufacturer of electric-vehicle charging stations has announced its plan to install over 4,600 stations across the US, by next year. Coulomb’s “ChargePoint America” program is partly funded by the US Department of Energy to install stations in nine metropolitan regions including California, New York and Los Angeles. The charging stations will require drivers to sign up for monthly passes and swipe a card to pay for charging. The program will encourage prospective buyers who are sitting on the fence on whether to buy an electric vehicle or not, because of lack of charging stations. If the ChargePoint America program is successful, drivers could simply find a place to plug their car into the grid and drive off.

Coulomb Technologies

[via Physorg]